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Bestcorn pellet 6mm, 5kg


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Natural pellet made from corn grain and corn ddgs. Pellet with the scent of gently fermented corn. The raw material for production is steamed and boiled, which makes it safe for fish. Recommended for fishing areas where the use of corn grains is prohibited. After adding an attractor or dip, we can obtain the desired taste. About 10% of the pellets dissolve within 3 hours, 15% dissolve within 6 hours, the remainder dissolve within 12 hours. This composition causes constant baiting of the buried place. With fish feeding in the depths in mind, about 1% of the pellets float on the surface for up to 15 minutes and about 1% sink and after a while float up and slowly sink again. This effect allows you to attract fish feeding in the depths to the baited place.

Weight 5 kg
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